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Born and raised in the Andes of Ecuador, Daisy Isacovici attended university in Canada, where she met Robert from Montreal. While studying and working in our professions of medicine and occupational therapy, we planned a year of travels. South America soon captured both of our imaginations and the 'year' proved elastic, stretching from 1987 to the present. Along the way we became correspondents for annual editions of the South American Handbook, and later authors and cartographers of various guidebooks about Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

Of the many joys of travel, trekking is our foremost passion. Daisy had begun hiking at age five, when she promptly fell into a quebrada (ravine). To avoid such mishaps, and because our training had prepared us for an entirely different set of challenges, we continued our education at the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), in Wyoming, USA.

Trekking, for us, has become more than just a form of tourism, sport, or leisure. The freedom of our backpacks appeals to us. We like carrying all we need on our shoulders, relying on our own abilities to safely enjoy a long journey, and immersing ourselves in the solitude and the rhythm of life on the trail. We are curious, always seeking out new routes, new experiences, and new forms of cross-cultural interaction.

We love all aspects of nature. For some people, spirituality is a quest for supernatural experiences; for us it is inspired by the boundless wonders of the natural world. We enjoy challenges: crossing a higher pass, photographing a tiny flower or an elusive bird, making a better map, and the challenge of adapting to the unexpected. Above all, we are grateful for the privilege of trekking and travelling together!

One of the few things we enjoy more than travel and trekking is telling a good story. Through our writing we tell our tale and we invite readers to share our passion for South America. After all these years, it continues to capture our imaginations!

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